Colorado Springs R.E.S.T Float Solutions


R.E.S.T Float Solutions
Just imagine, for a moment, that nothing else matters.

You can hear nothing, but your thoughts are loud. You can see nothing, but your vision is clear. You can feel nothing, but you can dream everything. And time…..becomes irrelevant.

Join R.E.S.T. Float Solutions for the ultimate in peace, tranquility, and relaxation. For 90 minutes, you will effortlessly float in a private pod filled with 10 inches of water and 800lbs of Epsom salt. The concentration of the Epsom salt creates a buoyancy that is difficult to replicate in any other therapeutic modality. This weightlessness allows the muscles and joints to relax, free from all tension, gravity, and pressure. The absence of light and sound provides the space the mind needs to reset and unwind. For 90 minutes, nothing becomes everything.