Colorado Springs Classes


90 minutes of Vinyasa flow *100 degrees * yoga music.
Long, Slow, Deep 
A deep and challenging alternative to the myriad of Vinyasa and flowing yoga classes. A practice that is utterly potent without focusing on strength, endurance or even building much heat. Experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer, giving massive areas such as hamstrings, hips, and shoulders more time to release and go deeper into poses. This is truly an amazing routine yet we rarely leave the floor. This class is suited for students of all levels. 
(HA)ute Yoga is a heated, non-vinyasa style class specific to Hot Asana Yoga Studio(s), utilizing longer holds to focus on alignment and integration within the postures. Recommended for everyone—from those newer to the practice to those who are more advanced—we have taken the foundation of a stationary class and created sequences that provide a dynamic, therapeutic, and challenging practice for students seeking an alternative to flow classes.
*100+ degrees*
DARKLIGHT YOGA RAVE!!! Join us for a high energy, up-tempo, downright killer music, blacklight environment!!! We will provide the glowing space, guide you through a challenging vinyasa flow, and all you need to do is show up wearing as much white stuff as you've got:-)!!! Our goal is to crank it up a notch and give you a dynamic experience that rocks! *regular class price*
The workout of a Hot Vinyasa, but your done in 1 hour.   60 minutes * 98+ degrees * all levels * music will be instructor’s choice.
A 75 minute Power Vinyasa class for all levels * 100 degrees * modern music.
A 90 minute Power Vinyasa class for all levels * 100 degrees * modern music.
Join Sarah Martin in this 90- minute hip-hop inspired flow, dropping the beat and bringing the heat with a killer playlist and dynamic Vinyasa flow. * Hot class*
A 90 minute Power Vinyasa class * modern music. Learn how to safely and effectively move into inversions and arm balances by tapping into your core strength, learning the fundamentals of inversion anatomy, and learn the spirit of playfulness. 98+ degrees
This 75 minute prenatal class is designed for the expecting mom and suitable for all trimesters, providing a safe and supportive environment to pamper your body and restore your mind. Class will be broken up into three segments: Pranayama (breath control), Asana (postures) and a guided imagery meditation. Practicing guided imagery allows us to send conscious energy to a specific region of the body, increasing the Prana (life force) in that area. Throughout this series we will tap into that ancestral knowledge, find our rhythm of breath and movement-- ultimately preparing the body and mind for bringing new life into the world.
Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body and the mind while providing an opportunity to renew and heal. In this practice, you can leave the distractions and stresses of daily life and devote much needed time to restoring your own sense of well-being. Students are situated in simple, comfortable poses on the floor supported with blankets, straps or blocks. Students stay in poses for longer periods of time, allowing gravity to create releases and openings in the body. 120 minutes * Non Heated.
Root Chakra Flow: Focusing on standing poses to connect with our first chakra. Represented by the color red and the musical note C, linked to our roots and foundation. *Warm Class*
Come prepared to slow your flow. With emphasis on mindful transitions and acute awareness to the breath, this candlelit vinyasa flow will hit the slow-motion button on your yoga practice. *Regular class price * Hot Class
Designed for all levels, Tone and Flow incorporates free weights into a simple, yet intense vinyasa flow practice. Done in a heated room, this total body workout will tone muscles, build endurance, and strengthen your regular yoga practice.
60 Minutes of a Vinyasa Flow done in a warm room.
75 minutes of Vinyasa Flow done in a warm room.
This class will begin with a rhythmic warm flow and then use Yin Yoga's passive long held postures to bring a feeling of lightness in the body.  *temperature will be below 95 *music will be instructors choice